Online-to-Offline Business

Grabbit media offers Online to Offline (O2O) business model.

O2O stands for Online to Offline . This is a new business model in which retailers using both online and offline channels as an intensive strategy. Using online marketing and advertising methods, retailers find potential customers online, raise their awareness of products and services, and draw them to make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

Recently, retailers all around the world have been bombarded with reports and predictions about global online sales growth.

E-commerce is growing extreme faster, Those huge number of e-commerce’s revenue and how fast it is growing are really worrying traditional retailers.

However, the scenario of online channels wiping out offline ones seems to be impossible, since the retail industry has shifted into a new concept of Online to Offline (O2O) in which online and offline channels share the same importance in achieving success.

A popular example of this retail concepts is when a customer receiving an email offering a discount code, then visit the store to use this code and make a purchase.

This concept raised few years ago, in the context of online channels expanding its popularity, but becoming complements of physical stores instead of competitors.

Benefits of O2O Business

The first and most important benefit that O2O brings out to retailers is the brand reputation. Branding is much simpler and more efficient with online capabilities like advertising, social media, mobile wallet, SMS, mobile app, push messages, proximity services, combined with real-time data analytics, system integration, and AI.


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